Sleep Awareness Week


Sleep is so important for good health, evidence suggest just as important as being active and eating a healthy diet.

Good sleep can:

  • help your concentration levels
  • help you manage pain better
  • allow your body to repair damaged tissue
  • improve your immune system – the body’s natural defence against illness and injury
  • help your mental well-being – not getting enough sleep can make you feel irritable or moody and increase feelings of anxiety and depression
  • help you stay at a healthy weight – if you don’t get enough sleep you’re likely to have more chemicals in the body that make you want to eat more, and less of the chemicals that make you feel full.

Getting enough good quality sleep can play a big role in helping you manage a long-term health condition like arthritis. But, the pain from arthritis can make getting good quality sleep difficult.

Here are some useful websites for good sleep advice:

Versus Arthritis –


The Sleep Scientist –

Dr Matthew Walker –

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