Research in Cornwall

Research at Royal Cornwall Hospital

The Royal Cornwall Hospitals Research, Development and Innovation department supports and facilitates health research in Cornwall. Research is hugely important, it gives us new knowledge about how to treat and care for patients with different health conditions and helps us to provide our patients with the best and most appropriate care possible.

The medical and surgical research team at Royal Cornwall Hospital supports research into many conditions and disease areas including rheumatology:




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Location: The Knowledge Spa at The Royal Cornwall Hospital
Research Sister and Team Lead: Fiona Hammonds




Cornwall Arthritis Trust


Cornwall Arthritis Trust funds this website and also funds a range of other research and projects in Cornwall.


Dr David Hutchinson runs a research programme looking at risk factors for RA and in particular occupational factors related to dust and cadmium. This work is resulting in several publications and has been supported in part by the Cornwall Arthritis Trust. It is hoped that the work already done should continue to be supported so that current projects can be completed which can then be used to develop a research programme that will attract external research grant funding.


Prof Anthony Woolf is co-leading on the ongoing assessment of the Global Burden of Musculoskeletal conditions. This has now identified musculoskeletal conditions as the greatest cause of disability globally and in most countries including the UK. This project generated many high quality highly cited scientific publications and is influencing priorities of health systems in UK and other countries and regions.


Prof Woolf with Prof Lyn March, University of Sydney, are leading work on musculoskeletal health and ageing with the World Health Organisation.  This is to ensure musculoskeletal health is seen as a key part of healthy ageing and that more is done to prevent and treat musculoskeletal conditions.


A programme of projects is being developed related to musculoskeletal health in the workplace. The first is to establish standards for what a good employer should do with a guide. Cornwall Arthritis Trust has funded a pilot project with RCHT and Derriford Hospitals, Cornwall County Council and local employers. This work has provided the content for an online toolkit developed by Public Health England.

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