Equipment to help you in daily life

Daily Aid

Arthritis makes the joints swollen, stiff and painful and can affect the ability to undertake daily activities.  Many people find a simple tool or aid can help them with these activities, helping to maintain a high level of independence.  A key person in helping you to manage problems with activities of daily living is the Occupational Therapist . Occupational Therapists (OTs) work either in hospitals or in the community.  Although it is very important to keep moving, it’s also important to protect your joints from unnecessary strain.  An occupational therapist can give you advice about changing the way you do some tasks, and on using simple aids or adaptations to make them easier.  They can help by providing advice on the use of aids, equipment and adaptations to assist with everyday activities such as cooking or getting around the house. To see a hospital-based Occupational Therapist you will need a referral from your GP or rheumatologist.

Community Occupational Therapists specialise in home adaptations, which can include fitting handrails, showers and ramps. You can refer yourself to a community OT through social services. To discuss how you can obtain a needs assessment and for referrals to the community rehabilitation teams call the Adult Care and Support Access Team at Cornwall Council on 0300 1234 131 or find more information on the website by clicking HERE.

You can also find local suppliers of equipment, and further online support through the Living Made Easy website.  Click HERE to go to the website.