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A message from the Rheumatology Department at Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust (updated December 2023): 

A spring booster is being recommended for those aged 75 and over, people who are immunosuppressed (over the age of 5 years) and health and care workers, online or by calling 119.  If you are unsure of your eligibility, speak to your local pharmacist about your medications.  It is important to remember the covid-19 vaccination does not prevent people developing the infection, but reduces the severity of the symptoms.  We would encourage people to obtain the yearly flu vaccination, and be up to date with a pneumonia vaccination where eligible.   For further information on obtaining vaccinations, please use the NHS website, or contact 119.

The wearing of  face coverings is no longer compulsory.  We would advise you should continue to apply common sense and consider your own risk.  The following site may help you to understand your individual risk.

As previously, all medications should be continued, unless specifically advised by your rheumatology specialist.  If you have any queries or concerns, please discuss these with your GP, local pharmacist or contact the rheumatology advice line (rheumatology patients only).

Anti Viral Treatment for Covid -19

Some people are eligible for anti-viral treatment if they test positive for covid-19 with a lateral flow test (undertaken at home, with results within 30 minutes).  Click HERE to see if you can obtain a free lateral flow test.

The eligibility criteria for these treatments is changing on a regular basis, but some of the medications used to treat arthritis place patients in to the ‘clinically vulnerable’ group .  If you think you may be eligible for treatment, please contact your GP or 111 service who should be able to advise you on the next steps.

National Guidance

The government site provides advice on all aspects of Covid-19 including latest guidance –

Covid-19 in Cornwall

Cornwall Council provide useful local Covid-19 information on:

  • How to get a Covid-19 test
  • Financial help available
  • Health & wellbeing
  • Local Covid-19 data (e.g. numbers of cases)
  • Local outbreak plan


Information about Covid-19 for rheumatology patients at Derriford Hospital can be found at

 National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society Information on Covid Vaccinations

General vaccine information:


Advice from the NHS for people who have had Covid-19

Your COVID recovery is now live: . This is a new NHS website proving health advice, guidance and links to support for people who have ongoing symptoms and health needs after having COVID-19. There are specific sections about fatigue and musculoskeletal, shoulder and back pain

Covid-19 and Mental Health

Coronavirus (Covid-19) is affecting all our lives. Things are changing fast, and many of us are worrying about what it all means for ourselves and for our loved ones. Those of us already living with mental health problems are facing extra challenges too.

Here you’ll find reliable information and tips to help you cope during this time.

Delayed Physiotherapy or Surgery

If your physiotherapy or surgery for your arthritis has been delayed there are things you can do for yourself whilst waiting for treatment.  If you have chronic pain in your knees and / or hips because of osteoarthritis, then the ESCAPE Pain programme can help. It is available online or via an App

You can find information on how to manage your condition here

Arthritis Action UK have produced a set of videos which talk you through the principles of self management which you may find useful:

You can find some tips on pain management here

More information about managing pain at home, including useful exercises can be found here


Working from home during covid-19

Many people are continuing to work from home. Public Health England have provided some tips on how to avoid getting aches and pains when working from home: PHE WFH advice

Cornwall Healthy Workplace has a very useful set of resources related to Coronavirus and workplace health which you may find helpful:

Other Useful Links:

Exercises you can do at home for arthritis, back pain, knee pain and chronic pain

The NHS has produced a number of videos for Pilates inspired exercises aimed at people with arthritis, chronic back pain, knee pain or chronic pain.

Back pain:


Knee pain:

Chronic pain, including Fibromyalgia:

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